If you have any questions about Steel Test Lab's services or our working methods, then please see below for the answers to frequently asked questions.

Is Steel Test Lab an independent lab?

Steel Test Lab is fully independent. This means that we stand by the reliability of our test results. In addition, we can draw on a complete range of steel knowledge within our organization.

Which steel tests does Steel Test Lab perform?

We offer a tensile test, chemical analysis (optical emission spectrography), bending test, Charpy pendulum impact test, and hardness testing (Brinell).

What standards do your tests meet?

  • Tensile testing: ISO 6892
  • Charpy pendulum impact test: ISO 148
  • Brinell hardness test: ISO 6506
  • Spectrometry: ASTM E415
  • Bend test: ISO 7438

What equipment does the lab have?

Steel Test Lab has a number state-of-the-art measuring devices at its disposal. These include two tensile testing machines (150 KN and 1250 KN), a Charpy pendulum impact test pendulum (750 J), Brinell hardness testing equipment, a spectrometer (31 elements), and a press brake for bending tests.

Is Steel Test Lab accredited and certified?

As a test lab, we are NEN EN ISO/IEC17025:2017 standard accredited under registration number L677 and ISO 9001 certified. In 2021, we gained ISO 17025 accreditation. This shows that we are organized and function in accordance with the highest quality standard. Every year, we are tested to see if we still meet this standard. Your tests are in good hands with us.

What is the lead time of the steel tests?

The lead time of your tests depends on the schedule number of tests and how busy it is at that time. We aim to have your test results ready within two business days.

How do you prepare the sample?

What makes us stand out is that we manufacture the test pieces for the tests ourselves. We cut out sample plates with a water cutter so that there is no heat input into the material. This means that material properties are not affected.

What value does the test report have?

The test report gives a complete overview of your requested test methods and the corresponding results. If you have specific wishes, please indicate this on your application.