Steel only has value if you know its applications. For that, you need to know the exact properties. Steel Test Lab was founded by people with many years of experience in the steel processing industry. Steel has no secrets for us.

100% steel expertise

Through our tests, we add to our knowledge every day. We only test steel and perform all the tests required. Moreover, we have one of the strongest tensile testing machines in the world.


Fast and flexible

We know the market and the importance of speed. This attitude is deeply rooted in our organization. Due to our favourable location in the heart of the European steel industry, we guarantee short lead times.

Information is the key to success

In our state-of-the-art lab, we test, examine, and value steel. Here, we use all our knowledge and experience to optimize your business.


Why choose Steel Test Lab?

  • Speed: we deliver test reports within two business days
  • One fixed contact for all questions about steel
  • Part of a steel service centre (short lead time)
  • Extensive network within the steel industry
  • Located at the largest inland harbour in Western Europe