The chemical composition is a fundamental factor that determines the mechanical properties and thus the application of the steel. It is with good reason that the production of steel is strictly monitored in accordance with the applicable European standards. Steeltestlab can perform chemical analysis with optical emission spectrography, in addition to other tests.

Spectrography analysis

The spectrography analysis measures which elements are present in the metal. We use sparks from an electrode to excite atoms in the metal. These atoms then emit photons as electromagnetic radiation. A spectrometer measures the released photons, which differ in number and frequency per element. This measurement can then be used to determine the quantity of atoms of specific materials. This method can also be used to calculate the carbon equivalent. This equivalent gives an indication of how suitable for welding the tested metal is.



We perform measurements and interpret results using modern software.

Chemical composition in % (mean from n=3) - ASTM E415
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The results of the chemical analysis provide information for application in the following sectors:




Steel constructions


Road Safety


Damage investigation


Civil engineering


Offshore and shipbuilding