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  • + - Are we an independent lab?

    The Steeltestlab is an entirely independent lab. More specifically, this means that we ensure the reliability of our test results. Despite our independent status, we have access to a broad range of steel expertise within our organisation.

  • + - What tests do we carry out?

    The Steeltestlab has access to a wide range of state-of-the-art measuring devices. We have two tensile test benches (150 KN and 1250 KN), an impact pendulum (750 J), Brinell hardness testing, spectrometer (31 elements) and a bench for bending tests.

  • + - What is the lead time for the various tests?

    The lead time for the various tests depends on the number of tests. We aim to have your test results ready within two days.

  • + - How does accreditation work?

    As a test lab, we are ISO 9001 certified. In 2021 we will be ISO 17025 accredited. This is confirmation that we are organised and operate according to the highest quality standards. We undergo testing every year to ensure that we are still in compliance with these standards. Your tests are in good hands with us.

  • + - How do we prepare a sample

    One special aspect of our service is that we fabricate the sample ourselves. We cut the sample out of test plates using the water jet cutting method so that no heat is introduced into the material. This allows us to preserve the properties of the material. The tests we carry out conform to the following standards:

    Tensile tests: ISO 6892
    Impact test: ISO 148
    Hardness testing: ISO 6506
    Spectrometry: Internal guidelines based on the CR 10316 - CR 10320 practical guidelines
    Bending tests: ISO 7438

  • + - What value does the test report offer?

    The test report provides a complete overview of the test methods you have requested and the accompanying results. If you have any specific requirements, you can indicate this with your request. 

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